Cigarette Packaging & Advertising Changes

Philip Morris USA has made packaging and advertising changes to comply with federal law.

In 2009, federal law gave the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate tobacco products and prohibited the use of certain terms such as “light,” “mild,” or “low” in cigarette labeling and advertising. To comply with this prohibition, PM USA removed these terms from its packaging and advertising.

PM USA sells a variety of cigarette brands distinguished by their flavor, strength of taste and packaging design. The FDA has not determined that any cigarette poses less of a health risk compared to any other cigarette, or that any cigarette will help you quit smoking. Nothing about our cigarettes, packaging or colors should be interpreted to mean that any cigarette is less risky or results in less exposure to harmful compounds than any other cigarette.

The amount of tar, nicotine or other constituents in smoke a smoker inhales from a cigarette can vary based upon how a smoker smokes. The amount a smoker inhales will be higher, for example, if a smoker blocks ventilation holes, inhales more deeply, takes more puffs, or smokes more cigarettes.

There is no safe cigarette. If smokers are concerned about the risks of cigarette smoking, the best thing to do is to quit smoking.


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