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Consumer Communications - Philip Morris USA

Philip Morris USA markets its cigarette products to adult cigarette smokers.

Philip Morris USA markets its cigarette products to adult cigarette smokers.

Consumer Communications

We work hard to market our premium products to adult smokers and to limit the reach of our materials to unintended audiences. We require adult smokers to verify their age as 21 or older before they may receive branded one-to-one communications or enter a PM USA branded website. Our age-verification procedure requires a legible copy of a valid government-issued identification that clearly displays the person’s name, address, date of birth and signature.  We use electronic-age verification to compare personal information provided by an individual against public-records databases and other third-party data sources to find matching records that independently verify the personal information – confirming that the individual is at least 21 years old.

  • One-to-one Communications
    We use direct mail and email to support the launch of new products, invite adult smokers to events, announce brand promotions and deliver coupons and other communications. We maintain a secure database of age-verified adult smokers who have elected to hear from us. A person may request to no longer receive further mailings from us at any time.
  • Consumer Websites
    Our age-restricted branded websites enable adult cigarette smokers to interact with our brands. We use online communications to build brand equity, deliver news and provide promotional support.
  • Consumer Marketing Activities
    We offer special occasion programs, such as trips to the Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana, which reinforce brand equity, support the launch of new products and deliver promotions to adult smokers. These programs are held within qualified adult-only facilities and venues, and entry is restricted to attendees age 21 and older who show proof of age prior to entering.

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