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About Philip Morris USA

About Philip Morris USA - Philip Morris USA

Philip Morris USA has been in operation since 1847. Since 1983, PM USA has been the largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States.

Philip Morris USA has been in operation since 1847. Since 1983, PM USA has been the largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States.

Our business

In 2013, PM USA's retail cigarette share was 50.6 percent. We do not sell cigarettes outside of the U.S. U.S. cigarette industry volume was down an estimated 4 percent when adjusted primarily for changes in trade inventory in 2013.

Our Tobacco brands

Marlboro leads our cigarette product portfolio. It is the number one cigarette brand in all 50 states and the number one cigarette brand for men and women across all adult age groups. In 2013 Marlboro's retail share was 43.7 percent, larger than the next 11 cigarette brands combined. It was also larger than the two largest competitors, R.J. Reynolds and Lorillard, combined.

PM USA also has other strong cigarette brands in its portfolio, including Parliament, Virginia Slims and L&M. These brands have areas of regional strength and are among the nation's best-selling cigarette brands.

PM USA also markets Marlboro Snus, a spit-free, tobacco pouch product designed for adult smokers who are interested in smokeless tobacco alternatives to cigarettes.

Altria Group

PM USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Altria Group, Inc.; PM USA provides Altria with value over the long-term by focusing on Altria's four goals to:

  • Invest in Leadership
  • Align with Society
  • Satisfy Adult Consumers
  • Create Substantial Value for Shareholders
Please view Altria's quarterly earnings release for current financial information.

Our Brands

PM USA is the nation's number one cigarette manufacturer with two of the ten best-selling cigarette brands.

  • Marlboro
  • Basic
  • Benson & Hedges
  • Cambridge
  • Chesterfield
  • Commander
  • Dave's
  • English Ovals 
  • L&M
  • Lark
  • Merit
  • Parliament 
  • Players
  • Saratoga
  • Virginia Slims

Cigarette Brand Market Share

This chart summarizes retail share performance for PM USA's cigarette brands for 2013. PM USA's cigarette retail share was 50.6 percent. *

* Retail share results for cigarettes are based on data from IRI/MSAi, a tracking service that uses a sample of stores and certain wholesale shipments to project market share and depict share trends. The service tracks sales in the Food, Drug and Mass Merchandisers (including Wal-Mart), Convenience, Military, Dollar Store and Club trade classes. For other trade classes selling cigarettes, retail share is based on shipments from wholesalers to retailers (STARS). These services are not designed to capture sales through other channels, including the internet, direct mail and some illicitly tax-advantaged outlets. It is IRI's standard practice to periodically refresh its services, which could restate retail share results that were previously released in these services.

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